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Courage Classic July 19-21

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Not sure

how many of you have ever heard of this benefit bicycle ride, but the Courage Classic benefits the Children's Hospital Foundation.  The foudation

provides money and services for underserved families of chronicly ill children.  This benefit ride is kinda like the MS150.  It goes for 3 days through

Summit County.  Starting and finishing in Leadville, going through Breckenridge, Keystone, Vail and over night stays in Copper Mountain Resort.  

You can either Camp or get a condo.

I will be doing this ride, and was wondering if there was any interest in getting a RMCB5 team together.  With enough people on a team, you get

team shirts made up with your team name on them...this is in place the standard t-shirt they provide to regular riders.  I think it would be great to

have us represented.  You would be required to raise money/pledges, I believe the minimum is $250 or so.

This is a great ride, I have done it twice in the past, and it was a blast each time.  I know there are some bikers here, so come on and show your

support for a wonderful institution.

Registration will start in Feb, and the ride is limited to 2000 riders.  It does fill up pretty quick, they always do.  So I wanted to get the word out so

we can get our act together and register as a team by the end of February.



courage classic is sweet, but I am a piece of shit right now and have been for a number of years, so don't count me in :(

Jay...You have 6 months to train...I

am in crap for shape, so we can all train together....you can do it.  Use it as an excuse to get your self back in great shape.

Jon, he physical health is within

reason, the mental health isn;t unfortunately    :?

Jay....your mental health can't be

much worse than mine.  I am using it as a goal to get my life back in order...we could both recover together.  But if not, I can understand...I know

where you are coming from.


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