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Found out some more info today.
« on: October 04, 2006, 10:10:43 PM »
For those of you who have replying to my posts about the P0422 code, i give much thanks.  i found out some new information today. my buddy who is a certified mechanic safty checked it today.  he explained to me that a highflow CAT is worthless. i know very little so i am purly relaying info he told me. he said ever CAT must meet your specific state regulations, meaning the stock audi CAT and my APR stage 3 CAT would both have to meet the states regulations. saying that, a highflow CAT must clean as much as the stock CAT. so wheres the extra flow? either way. i guess its how you define the word FLOW.  anyways i took car to emissions today and FAILED! in missouri they fail for Check engine lights :( :(. Also the CAT that comes with the stage 3 kit looks like "A band that goes around a earthworm" it was on my downpipe and was about 4 inchs long and 1/2 inch wider in circumference than my downpipe. we almost didn't see it. i wouldn't have but my buddy found it after a min.  my car is already running a chip that apr put the testpipe file on. so it should be working.... i think at this point i am going to have to take it to my APR dealer and leave it with them. hope they can fix it.. i mean it does STEM from there stage3 turbo kit. i am also waiting to hear back from wayne, i will try that spacer before i take it to apr.