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Internet Explorer 7

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I know it't out and I haven't upgraded yet, if anyone is using the full release (non beta) version and has any problems please post them here.

I am.  It's slower.  But I like the tap's part for the pages so you do'nt have to open 20 items in the start menu bar.  Since I have installed it I have had a couple random freezes on surfing... and esp with multimedia, like videos.  

I have gotten used to the new layout and really like it... but it has a couple bugs they need to work out before I'm all gun hoe.

I've used it for about a month now.

My experience with IE7 full release has been good.  On my desktop (AMD 3200+) it runs silky smooth with no issues and the laptop (Intel P4m 1.8GHz) it runs a bit slower but still runs without issue.  I really like the tabs and the extra security (phishing and such) that is included.

Proc speed aside, my laptop does not compare to the desktop by a mile.  In trying the latest release candidate of Vista, the desktop was able to use the Ultimate version as to where the laptop would not install Vista at all.

Good to hear, I know tabs is the best thing about firefox and it's seperation from the windows OS. I am not of fan IE in any way shape or form, but at least MS is FINALLY playing catch up.

I assume most everything SHOULD be okay here, but if you run into any problems on this site let me know and I will look into it. I should get the upgrade int eh coming days and play around. It should really only be problematic with Javascript and CSS.

So far the RMCB5 site has run without error.


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