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Tail Tint Problems

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Well, I'm in Salt Lake and went the car wash last night to clean it up after the trip...low and behold, I sprayed off most of my custom tail tint :x
Looks like I'll be spraying again soon.... :P

JR, didn't you know, after you do that to your tail lamps you aren't suppose to wash your  for like, ever!????!!!  8O  :P  :lol:

That sucks man. Hopefully you'll be able to clean them up properly and get it done right the next time around. Did you use some sort of clear coat after the tint color went on?

Basically if it is coming off you will really need to sand them down, probably just a wet sand with like a 240 grit or something like that.

That will rough it up enough to accept the paint and to keep it from flaking off.  

I kind of acept the flaking and the potential of redoing these every year just so I don't have to sand my lights.  Mainly because I don't want to spend $200 replacing the rear lights if I need to sell my car.

A guy in the audi world site tinted his rear lights with 35% window tint from checker. It looked extremly nice. I would recommend that from other experience. That way you can just remove the tint when you wanna sell.

Just what I saw, dont know how well it stays, looked good in the pics thought. I though about it but that might be too dark of a car for me. I kinda like the red offset in the back.

The red definately looks nice.
That is something I entertained, but window tint is designed for the inside of the windows which doesn't necessarily encounter the harsh outdoor conditions.
Like you said, I'm so certain that it will stay on well. Of course, I could just see for myself, it's not like it's expensive or anything.


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