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Hello all.  I am a new member and I hail from Colorado Springs.
I drive a 98 b5 1.8 t...complete with thule rack for bikes and snowboards..
I have owned the car for all of it's 90,000 mile life.
The timing belt blew and vw fixed all of this for free, now my bone stocker is going to be modified.
I just purchased an Eibach pro kit and a set of koni yellow shocks..
I need to find a good garage in the springs that will install, set them up and do an alignment for me... any reccommendations?
Next I am planning an apr chip, gauge pod, and some 17 inch rims with nice tires...then brakes etc...exhaust to reduce the back pressure on the not a loud can...when does the madness end?  A little about myself, I teach english lit and film courses, I am 26, I love cars specifically german cars and 50's chevys, and I believe in performance over asthetics when it comes to cars..

Mike -

Welcome to the club! Glad to see VW took are of you on the "100K" timing belt.  That is very rare.

We get together often for garage days, I'm sure we could all get together and do the spring and shock install.  As for alignment joints in the Springs I do not know of any.

Let us know if you want to have a garage day and we can probably arrange something.  We also understand if you prefer to pay a shop to do the install.

hey, my name is also Mike,   i live south of the springs in fountain, and i could help you out on that install... done my audis like 4 times, and am currently tearing my car apart to do the timing belt this week...

ill ask the 719 guys, but i belive the best place for alignments is Jack alignments or sumptin like that....


If you guys can help with the shocks and setting them up, that would be great.  (mike) If you need help with the timing belt let me know...I do not know a lot, but I am great for helping out.  I have replaced engines on my old 71 bug and I helped build a straight 6 for a 65' stang.  I am on vacation this week.  My weekends are free usually.  Just let me know where, when, and what kind of beer to bring when we do the install.(currently I live in an apartment, but I am trying to buy a house I found witha 4 car garage.)

well my b5 is in the garage til friday.  Those that have been following my electrical woes post on the national b5 list know what has been going on.
In short (no pun intended) my ignition switch half melted and caused most of my car's electrical functions to stop working.   The good people at Heuberger are taking care of it and it will be fixed by Friday.


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