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well my timing belt is a slow process, i have a really bad work schedule so i am olny getting 30 min to an hour every other day in on far it does not seam to be a hard job, but i dont really have the time to accomplish it.... i will know tomorow what my schedule will be like for the next 2 wks, so ill let you know.

if you wanna stop buy and help out, we can do your suspention at the same time. i have a 2 car garage and all the tools you will need.
 ill let u know 2morrow...

Well that sounds great, my b5 is tied up at heuberger due to a bad ignition...I will get it back on friday...
keep me posted.

Glad to have you aboard Mike!

Mike (kt037) is a good guy and should be able to help you out...

good luck with the ignition issues.  Hopefull those will be totally gone once you get it back.

I am hoping that the hard start I expeerienced the other day is part if the melted switch...The car started like the battery was almost dead.  ie. it turned over really slow for a long time...I opened the hood and it finally started.
I just replaced the battery about 2 weeks ago.  WE'll see..

Well my car is still at vw.... They could not get the parts in on time.  Looks like it will be done on monday.


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