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I guess I better start with an apology...  I've been a member of ClubB5 for a couple of years(member JADDAP) and a few of you have been kind enough to invite me to RMCB5 this past year and I've been a slacker... I'm finally here!

I drive a '99 Silver Variant GLS w/ Leather and winter package.  I've done a few mods this past year and a half, focused more on performance than looks:
Upsolute chip(installed locally by BestVW in Erie, on my lunch hour one day)
K&N air filter(self install)
Performance plugs(self install)
Eibach springs(self install w/ friend)
Koni yellow shocks(self install w/ friend)

If you're looking for a performance upgrade, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everything that I've done, my car is definitely 'transformed' and is quite fun to drive.  My wife keeps telling me "Just get a sports car", but I simply love the Variant.

My next mod(in process):  16" Swings with Dunlop SP Sport A2 tires.  I SCORED on the Swings at Osborne VW in Lakewood.  I used the website, per a recommendation on CB5, and found the last 4 Swings in Colorado(sorry if you're looking).  They let them go for the "blowout" pricing from 2002...  $150 for the set.  Yahoo!  I just ordered my tires from Tirerack and will install them in the next two weeks.  Once I get the wheels on, I'll try to take some photos and will post in an official profile.

I live in Longmont and work down the road at the "big plant" at Diagonal and 52.  I enjoy cycling and running and am an avid F1 fan(my only hesitation with the Dunlops was the lack of support for Bridgestone and Michelin, F1's two tire suppliers).  I also enjoy hanging out w/ my wife and 2 1/2 year old son.

I look forward to sharing ideas and experiences w/ other RMCB5'ers... this is a great forum and it appears to be growing quickly!

Welcome Doug!

Nice steal on those wheels, that's a hell of a deal!  What kind of plugs are you running now?

Doug Welcome!  Your ride sounds a bit like my old ride but I had the V6 so no chip.  I loved that ride.  Great to see more Variant supporters here.  You're going to have have to go 20's to beat Madigan (Mark)

I look forward to meeting you sometime at one of the many GTG'ers


Hey Doug,

You work for IBM? My dad worked there for several years starting in the early 80s. My brother and parents both live in Niwot. If you see a Chinese dude with a flat-top (my brother) driving a silver Audi S4 around, give him a run for his money.

Hey Doug, glad to hear from you.  It great to have another souped up variant.  Since Rob Sold his, we have had to make due with Madigan's  :P

I think we have personally install almost every set of suspension between the group involved now and the banditos original (Colorado Outlaws).

aowhaus was atalking about doing a wine tasting at his loft downtown next month.  Maybe we'll see you then.  Also, this Sunday Brad (black16v) who works at Osborne VW is going to help us with some small stuff on our cars this Sunday.  Check out the GTG section for more info on that.

Also, Ubergrrl lives up in Longmont, so wave to her if you see her.



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