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Full Moon Snowshoe Hike Sat. Jan 18th

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Hey you guys, I am going on a full moon snowshoe hike with some friends the evening of Saturday the 18th - it's being organized through

EMS here in Boulder. There is no charge, I am wondering if anyone is interested in going with us? We have to meet at the Boulder EMS at 5pm. Let

me know... they would like people to tentatively sign up so they know how many are going.

Isn't snowshoeing hard?  Would

someone like me who is out of shape pass out while doing it? Inquiring minds want to know.

it depends on the trail... it's basically

like hiking. Except you're doing it in the snow, and it's a little more tiring cause of picking up your legs higher etc. We will probably be going

around Moffat Tunnels cause it will have the most snow.. of course if Eldora got dumped on maybe we would go there.  They suggest you be in

'moderate' shape...but since the trail is TBD I can't tell you how difficult it will be except it'll probably be mediumish.

Plus, if you've never snowshoed before, nighttime might not be the best for a first time out.. depends on how adventurous you are. ;)

Darn it...I'll be working so I can't

be there. :x

I'd love to, but will be out of town

from Saturday morning untill Monday afternoon.  Gotta take advantage of the three day weekend.  Skiing/snowboarding with the guys.  Anyone

have a place for four guys to crash near Summit or Eagle County?


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