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Hi all-

I am a relatively new W8 owner (loooove it!), and have started to think about chipping my car.   8)  It seems everyone that's chipped reallly likes it!

My big concern is - will chipping a W8 void my extended warranty?

yes, if the dealership finds the chip, if they don't, then no, it won't void the warranty.

You see less gains from chipping a normally aspirated vehicle over a vehicle with forced induction.  Have you thought abut what software you are interested in?  Have you seen the gains you will receive from new software?

Witht eh W8 I believe to get the best gain, you would need a CAI with the Chip? I could be wrong though. :)

Did Jason have his W8 chipped? Jason! JDawg! You are the resident W8 man, chime in sucka.

I've looked at the GIAC chips, but my search hasn't gone much further than that.

I'm a n00b when it comes to this modding stuff!    :wink:

Not to shure about chipping W8's but nice choice in a Passat!  :thumbup:


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