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chipping a naturally aspirated engine like the W8 won't net you much difference in power, but you might get a little change, particularly if you accompany the chip with airbox and exhaust mods to flow more air.

as for the warranty, voiding the warranty is still a stretch.  it would only be void on issues related to the drivetrain.  if a window switch breaks, then you would still be covered.

Interesting - thanks for the feedback, guys!

I guess most people that chip their Passats aren't starting out with as much "guts" as the W8 has anyway.  Would be interested to hear from Jason, as the resident W8 owner!  :)

GIAC says their W8 chip delivers 14-25 hp and 20-25 ft-lbs, but that it should be coupled with cold air intake for optimum gains.

Maybe it's not that worth it, hmmm... :?

I don't think it's worth it to chip a naturally aspirated motor.  It'd be hard to even feel the difference if that's all the gains are.  

If the dealer found the chip, the drivetrain warranty would be void, and that's all the expensive stuff.


--- Quote from: "cooky";p="56110" ---Maybe it's not that worth it, hmmm... :?
--- End quote ---

Yah, you don't want to start down the modding road - it's a path fraught with peril with a murky destination at best ;)


That's what it sounds like!  I guess I can just be content to read stories and look at pictures here and on PassatWorld.   :wink:


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