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All -

I have added some useful Google tools that I hope you all will like and use. RMCB5 as a club and site get no benefit, other than the fact that they are easy to use and you can stay right here at to use them.

Here is a direct link:

You will also notice a link under the Google Search on the left side of your screen that says More Google Search Tools.

I have added just a general search, maps and video. Even if you aren't high on using these tools I strongly recommend checking them out.

Once I have time and can make the changed I have been wanting to do to this site you will see better implementations.

Oh, I also added a news ticker with VW and Audi news on the home page.

Sweet! I can search for porn right from good 'ole RMCB5!!  :lol:

Yep  :lol:


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