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  • Beartooth Pass, Montana Run: June 16, 2007

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Beartooth Pass, Montana Run- June 16 |Audizine X-Post|
« on: April 30, 2007, 01:25:32 PM »
I am going up that weekend. My parents live up there so my dad will be joining me. If anybody wants to take an extra couple days off and make this run, you're more than welcome to and you'll probably have a place to stay if it's not a lot of people. I'm planning on leaving that Thursday afternoon after work. I've done this road a few times growing up and I can attest to the amazing views.

It looks like there'll be over 100 cars on the run and several groups coming from Washington as well.


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This Northeast Entrance to Yellowstone National Park is the least traveled, bringing just a few hundred cars over every year. The Beartooth Highway is only opened 4.5 months of the year, from the end of May until mid-October.

Beartooth Pass
Vertical Media The first 15 miles out of Red Lodge takes you from the canyon floor and climbs almost 4,000 feet in elevation, taking you past Precambrian rock slides and red and yellow rock outcroppings. Expect hairpin curves, U-curves, and sinuous S-curves in the road as you climb to the canyon rim past forests, rugged cliffs, pristine lakes, mountain peaks, alpine tundra, and snow banks even in August. At 45 miles in length, you will cross the highest point in the Beartooth Highway at 10,974. Here, you leave Montana and enter Wyoming. The descent takes you along switchbacks which meander through rolling hills saturated with lakes, forests, and wildlife.

Date: June 16th-17th 2007.
Meeting Place: Billings Montana- National Golf. 529 24th St W @ 9 am.
Destination: Yet unknown via beartooth pass.

Okay i am gonna kinda take control here.... I am going to set the date that we meet up as June 16th.... Saturday and meet at 9 a.m. at National Golf.....529 24th Street West.. Billings MT 59102..... its right next to Slumberland and right after Godfather's pizza on 24th.... Meet in front parking lot, we will roll out arund 10 or when we feel that everyone is there... I am trying to find a place to hang out at during the drive... but where you stay is up to YOU!! i cannot find a place worth it at the moment will let people know if i find a place.. thanks any questions PM me or call (406) 672-9529 - Kory

There will be several people from Honda-Tech, A bunch of Suby Guys, and a few EVO's. We basically invited anyone who enjoys their car, and wants to go for a cruise. Right now we are looking at approx. 40 or so vehicles. The more the merrier! We are going to be filming, from several cameras during the run, and hopefully going to make a DVD of it. We would like to make this an annual run, and the pass is AMAZING. Lots of twisties, and it should be a great time. If anyone needs a place to stay, I have a couple extra rooms at my house, so let me know. We are trying to find a place for all of us to stay that evening, and possibly throw a kegger.
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