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recent posts at the top?

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--- Quote from: 03Indigo on May 17, 2007, 09:22:47 PM ---is there any way to move the "recent posts" at the top, and to have it look and work like it did on the old forum?  I am finding it hard to view what has gone on with the new format.  I liked how the newest posts were at the top of that old list, and you can go back from page to page looking at the posts.

With the new set up, it shows every post, even though the same thread....which to me is somewhat useless.

I guess I just don't like change all that much   ;) ;D

--- End quote ---

Things change and we all have to adjust to these changes. As for moving the posts to the top of the page, it isn't a simple switch. I will make note of it, but no promises.

Part of the problem is I don't believe people can turn them off, so if they get moved to the top, then everyone has it that way whether they like it or not. So back to the old "can't please everybody" thing. However I will try my best. :D


--- Quote from: jayryan on May 18, 2007, 07:18:13 AM

It's not been linked up to this site yet, but can still be accessed and loved.

--- End quote ---

Correct, it is not a problem for the users that were members when the site switched, just folks that have signed up since then.


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