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Bear with me as I get the Gallery Integration going

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This software has this fancy auto install of packages, but it isn't working for us all of a sudden. It worked on the test site but not when we cut over to this.

So I have to do everything manually, which sucks.

Anyway, I am working on getting the Gallery integration cinched up and that requires me to run the default theme until I get it all worked out. Please bear with me as I finish this up.

For a minute, I thought I clicked on  ;D

You did

Still dealing with some permissions headaches, I am hoping our host can just reset them all for me and I can get everything back to where it should be. Not sure where things went wrong.

The Gallery is mostly working, I need some guinea pigs to click the link and attempt to see if they can get into it okay with their accounts. I had a problem with it telling me over and over that my password was bad. I had to go manually update the database. I am not doing that for all the accounts. :)

So please let me know if you run into problems, and please be as specific as possible with whatever errors you may get.

I could not get in...said there was an account already in my name.


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