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 Okay so I took a few (awful) pictures with my broken camera. Now I need assistance on putting them somewhere... Please some direction.

Thank you  :-[

set up a gallery here, we will host it for you, then follow these instructions in the link below.,4153.0.html

Okay but I dont know how to add pictures... this is BAAAAAAD :)

oh geez...OK, you go to the gallery, set up an account, it walks you through it.  Then on the far left side, there is a pull down menu, select "add items", then upload the pics from your hard drive to the server.  Once that is done, get the URL of the image you uploaded, then put in the the [--] text things listed above, that should work.  I have to head out for a bit, if you are still having trouble, PM me your phone number and I will walk you through it :)


The first thing to do is Click on the Gallery link at the top then click on the link that says Your Album, this will create YOUR album under the members main album. From there you can add pictures adn create sub albums.


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