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Joke of the Day
« on: July 18, 2007, 01:36:57 AM »
a guy walks into a bar.  this bar is at the top floor of a local hotel, with a nice view of all of downtown. he sits down next to one of the regulars, and asks the bartender what the house specials are. the regular turns to him and tells him that they make a drink there called the "american flyer" and that it can really make you fly.

the new guy says, "really, it gets you that drunk?"

the regular responds, "no it really can make you fly! watch"

the regular orders an "american flyer" he slams it and walks over to a window, and jumps out if it. everyone in the bar is in horror as he plummets toward the ground. then the amazing happens and about 3 stories up he slows down. he stops before hitting the pavement, and then begins to rise. he wafts upward and comes back in the same window he went out.

the new guy is amazed and exclaims "I need to try that" so he orders one, and slams it.

he jumps out the window, and falls and falls. but he doesnt slow down. he splats on the pavement.

the regular walks back to his barstool

the bartender looks at him and says. "Hey Superman, you are a real asshole when you are drunk."
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Re: Joke of the Day
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Re: Joke of the Day
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Re: Joke of the Day
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thats pretty funnny
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