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Part of my periodic maintenance is to review the error logs on the site and see what people are doing that is generating errors. It gives me an idea of problems that may be occurring and so forth.

In order to alleviate these problems, I still need you all to report the problems when you come across them. While the error log is helpful, it isn't very specific as to what was happening at the time, what exactly you were doing, etc etc etc.

I see errors for Gallery, for both old and new users, but I can't attempt to address those problems without more details. I am willing to resolve the problems if you share them with me. If you don't then I am going to assume there is no problem or it has resolved itself.

you know I'll tell you if I find one.  haven't found one recently.

I did have one issue in the gallery, but wasnt sure it was an error or just the way you have security set up.  was told I didnt have permission to set one of this pics as the thumbnail for the gallery.  no biggie so I didnt report it.

hmm...well you should be able to set any thumbnail within your albums as the highlight for your album, but maybe it was trying to do it for the Member album which should not be possible. I will take a look here at some point and see if anything is out of the ordinary.

I thought I was just trying to set the highlight for my album.   ;)


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