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--- Quote from: gietl on September 12, 2007, 08:20:03 AM ---Yes, I see it, did it have a Polo badge on the trunk?

--- End quote ---

If it's the one I've seen, it does. I saw it a while back on University in Littleton(?) at the AAA office.

I talked to him the Summer I moved into my house. He seemed like a nice guy, but I think he thought I was nuts. I told him about the site, I even posted about my encounter with him.

I still see him driving around the area, but I think he wants nothing to do with us. Maybe because I made a comment about the Polo badge on a Passat.

Saw "Just A4" as I was driving the '40 down 6th Ave. this morning.

I saw a B5.5 last night at Rocky Mtn Cancer Center at 18th and High st.  I cannot remember the color but it had tinted windos, a europlate on the front and a GIAC sticker in the rear side window.  Younger guy got out who I did not recognize.  I was with my wife and a friend so I did not do the "car thing".  Anyone on this forum?


Saw a beautiful red Mark II GLI at the Coldstone in the Southlands around 2 today. Had smoked lights and debadged.


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