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RMCB5 Sightings

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Let's see.  Last night I spotted 34K's MkII GTI VR6, Gietl's Ur S4 and Brook's Westfalia.  OF course that was at a planned GTG, but it still kind of counts, for now.

well then, last night I saw gragravar's stage 3 allroad, my friend Matt's V70R, and aowhaus's scooter :)

I few weeks ago I spotted a B5 Passat, black magic lowered on coilovers and aftermarket wheels will black Altezzas at Los Dos Portrillos in Centennial.  Anyone seen this ride before?

Yes, I see it, did it have a Polo badge on the trunk?

Hmm, I didn't noticed the trunk except for the altezzas.


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