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DO NOT buy the brand "Euro Dezigns". They look really awesome and match my Xenons pretty well. However they have a lifetime warrenty and it sucks. The bulb will burn out in almost exactly 3 months and it cost 5.95 to have a new one shipped out. I have sent them back 3 times and recieved new bulbs no problem. Then 3 months later boom there out again. I have spent more total in warrenty retuns then I have to buy them in the first place. I even received a set of free one because I wrote a letter complaining. Steer clear of these guys!!!!!!   :evil:   By the way it was the H7 fogs I had problems with.

I recommend Kryton Series Bulb brand for headlights. They look most like BMW xenons and have a nice cool blue not ricey. Worked for years in my old car and dont fade color after time.  I am not aware of what bulbs the Passat halogens use if they are different from Audi or not.  Here is a link to the H7 Kryton Series.
Those bulbs BLOW my roomates PIAA brand identical bulbs out of the water, He paid $30 bucks more and mine worked and looked better. So you see, more is not always better.  :D  As a matter of fact I am ordering these right now to replace my burned out fog light I got from Euro Dezigns. Damn crappy bulbs.
--> general link for good accessories

Thanks again to everyone for all their input.  A few more questions:

- Any thoughts on Silverstar vs. Krypton?

- I messed around with the sunroof, something is wrong with the right side track, although I can't seem to see anything wrong just looking at it.  Is there anywhere I can take this to get fixed other than a dealership?

- All the clear corners I've found online (cb5, ebay, parts4vw) are crystal clear.  My headlights are not the crystal though.  Do these look alright together - anyone have any experience?


Yeah, that's how 99% of B5 owners with CC corners run:

Hey Nick,

Suspension does make a huge difference.  When you take sharp turns or accelerate/decelerate hard, the B5 tends to roll to much.  Springs and shocks will tame the car and make it perform much better under these circumstances.


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