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New to Co Springs ..but not vw/audi..

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Wondering what the scene is like here.

Will be driving/moving permanently to CO springs on Monday *sept 3rd*.

I drive a 2004 R32 reflex silver and a 1998 GTI vr6 porcelain blue *left behind in tx with gf for now*.

I am a long time member of vortex and a club based out of Dallas/ftworth.

I am glad to be OUT of freaking TX finally...and back in the west coast, I am originally from California.

Anyway, hello to all..and I hope I can meet some cool/knowledgeable folks ..

what meetings/meets/gtg's are there ?

Thanks in advance.  I will post some pics of my car later..

I used to be registered on here before, like a year ago..lost my user name though, back then I was driving a supercharged b5 passat v6.

Some of my past cars

1991 gti 8v
1990 corrado g60
2001 audi a4 1.8tquattro
1996 jetta gls
1995 gti vr6 black
1998 gti vr6 porcelain blue (PRESENT)
1999 supercharged passat v6
2000 passat 1.8t
1988 fox
2004 R32(PRESENT)

welcome back

indeed welcome back to CO. If you are moving to the Springs check out sicne they are the local VW club down there. As for the Denver scene there are gtg's on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday nights. All info the gtg's can be found in the rocky mountain region on Vortex as I am to lazy at the time to post the links or type out the info.

hey guess i am back.

still own my R32, and my girl now owns an 09 subby legacy special edition 2.5

and i should be picking up my 01 BMW m5 maybe next week..hopefully.


is this juan?


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