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Porsche Club Pueblo DE race report
« on: September 16, 2007, 12:40:37 AM »
Well, I thanks to my wife, I managed to make it down to Pueblo for the PCA Super DE event yesterday and today. 

I left Denver Thursday afternoon and met up with ColoradoMark.  After some food and beers, we hit the sack to get ready for Friday's track day.

Since it's a Porsche Club event, there were very few non-Porsches there.  Basically me, an E46 M3 and an STI.  I was in group A with ColoradoMark, Doug Barlett and a slew of Porsches, all well prepped and most all on race tires.

It was pretty cold down there on Friday, good turbo weather!  I started off mid pack in the first session and quickly worked my way past 2 boxsters, a 928 and several 911's, a Cayman S and I eventually lapped one of the boxsters twice.  The only car faster than me was ColoradoMark.

The car was working quite well, oil temps with the new Avalon oil cooler kit were much lower, at least 25 degrees lower than before.  Coolant temps are a little higher, but stabilize at one hash higher than 12 o clock and stay there throughout the session.  On the cool down lap they drop immediately to 12 and the oil temps drop from 250 to 220.

Still had some brake issues, even with PF01's up front, Ferodo DS2500's in back, Motul fluid and ducts.  At the end of each session I'd fade the brakes.  I ended up having to bleed the brakes between Friday and Saturday, as I'd basically turned the Motul into mud.

Brakes today were better, but still soft at the end of the session.

Today I gridded at the front and the only cars to pass me were a well driven 996 twin turbo, 993 Carrera 4 and ColoradoMark.  All three were on race tires.  I pulled away from Doug's Cayman S handily today.

Had some carnage today tho, a fellow in a 996 had been having some issues yesterday and today with staying on the track.  I spoke to him before the last run group in grid, telling him to just slow it down and work on his lines.

After 3 laps, they threw the black flag, turns out he'd gone off in turn 1 and rolled 3.5 times!  He ended up on the roof, and luckily was totally unscathed.  His car, however, was lunchmeat.

Got home and swapped pads, found some chunks missing from the PF01 pads.  Doh!  I need to figure out a way to keep the brakes from baking.  I also need to get race tires as I managed to cord one of my tires yesterday pretty badly.  None of the tire shops in Pueblo had anything decent, so I had my spare mounted on the LF, moved the RR to the RF and the old LF to the RR.  Turns out I'd just corded the old LF tire too, but by flipping it and mounting it on the RR, it held together for todays sessions.  Need to get all new tires this week tho.

I almost think I'll put less stress on the brakes if I go to race tires, as I'll be able to carry more speed through the turns and maybe use the brakes less.  I dunno...

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