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Can I "smite" JR?

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--- Quote from: 03Indigo on October 22, 2007, 06:40:48 PM ---I think you are the "older man"
--- End quote ---

[crotchetyoldman]Git off my virtual lawn, you young whippersnappers[/crotchetyoldman]


LOL, do you have full or partial dentures?

Full, so I can take 'em out and scare the chilluns.

[presidents of the united states]
Happy with no teeth happy here in hibernation
Slurpin on a peach starin at the situation
Kitty at my foot meowin out a conversation
Rockin back n forth thats my only destination
Old man on the back porch old man on the back porch
Old man on the back porch and that old man is me
[/presidents of the united states]

Sweeeeet LOL


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