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Hello, I'm Rich I have a 2002 Passat 1.8t blue/silver I've owned since October 03 I've actually been a member for about a 1 1/2 months.  Ive already tinted the windows DARK (4%) put 18's on with the factory lowering springs since thats where i work it was cheaper/easier that away :) .  Plan on doing a CAI, APR chip, mod the wheel liner, xenon headlamps, change the DV to a forge 007, put the n75j valve in, exhaust (turbo back), Omori guage, a-pillar pod (i know, i know the air bag, but.....?) this is the first dub i've owned and boy let me tell you what I came from the honda scene to the dub and everything is reverse there but i'm liken it and the people are good people not a bunch of "wanna-be" since Fast and the Fourious came out thats all thats out there (or in Greeley anyways, you know the kind air intake and exhaust next thing you know you have some 16yr old telling me he's running 13-14sec 1/4 mi, ya whatever), anyways getting off topic I just thought that I should finally say hello and hope to be able to actually go to some GTG and Garage dayz I'm still learning the tuning part of the v-dub but driving is great, better than my Civic ever was....

Soon to be Talkn'

Welcome Rich and thanks for posting.  We look forward to meeting up with you as well and it sounds like you are well onto the modding path with your Passat.  post some pics if you got em, we love seeing new rides.

welcome to the club! this is  a great club  with a lot of cool peeps! hope to meet you some time at a GTG!

welcome, you have your work cut out for you with the mods you have planned.  They sound great.  You should definitely make some garage days, a lot of us have done the mods you are planning and might be able to provide input.  I know I did the lights you want, so did Ubergrrl, so we can help you get that done in no time.

again, welcome

jon 8)

Welcome Rich, sounds like you already have a good start going!


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