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Added social bookmarking to the forums.


Now at the top of threads you should see icons for your favorite social bookmarking site. So if you see a neat thread you want people to know about one click and you are on your way. If there is one you would like to see that is not present let me know.


I have no idea what those icon thingies mean.  I have never heard of them before, can you describe what each one means, or lead me to somewhere that describes what they stand for?

Social Bookmarking is like when you find a site, or a story that you like you basically go post the link on these social bookmarking sites. A lot of users out there use these sites to find content of certian interests or even to look for something crazy.

Have you ever heard of Slash Dot? We got Slash Dotted when Greg's car got illegally repoed. It's just a web thingy, all the sites basically do the same thing, but not all users use all sites. Everyone seems to have their favorite and sticks with that.

never heard of any of them, but then again, I kinda live in my own little internet world... and don't venture out much, hehe.  Pretty much stick to what I know, which is not that much.


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