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--- Quote from: "mike618" ---old c's? damn it's all about jack quinn's
Irish pub, guinness and cider on tap, they have irish pints (20 oz)
not to mention great food..
--- End quote ---

Did they switch?  I thought it was a regular thing with edition719?

you know, I really don't know...
I did not even know 719 met at oc's
I just happen to like local places with big pints  :wink:

I like the "town bike" with a big rack... :oops:

Dub when are we going down south?  My cousin llives there so I might need to have him join us and then I will have a place to crash.

WOW your a COS Greg... Im a COS Greg too except my name is blueGOLFturbo, look forward to meeting you.

Cheers Greg


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