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I can check on the computer at work tomorrow and look into the 20,000
I am just wondering how vw will play the warranty game if they do not do the service. I remember my troubles with the 80,000 m one.

Welcome to da club...

I posted about randy bowen at sport car, he is a great guy, did you look into him?
Where are you at in the springs?  I have a royal green 98 b5 with a roof rack on it.
It's lowered and has a big dead kennedys sticker on the rack's air dam...

Welcome Greg!  Looks like we are starting to get a good Colorado Springs contingent!

In celebration of Mike (kt037) getting his engine back together, we are going to try and set up a ride with maybe an end of day GTG at Chicago's on the north side of town for the normal Saturday night shindig there.

old c's? damn it's all about jack quinn's
Irish pub, guinness and cider on tap, they have irish pints (20 oz)
not to mention great food..


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