Author Topic: Question about my cabin filter, am I missing parts? Should there be a lid on top  (Read 1989 times)

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Well, I have had my Passat Variant for two weeks, and the smell from the heater is bad.
I figured, ok, time to check the cabin filter.

Here is a pic.

And another angle.

I think I probably have an oil leak as well, which I will get Randy to look at as soon as I can get up there.

I noticed on other posts for cabin filter replacement on a 1.8t, that there was a cover that had to be removed before you could get the cabin filter out.  Mine was just exposed, once I took the plastic cover off.

Am I missing parts?


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I believe the cover was added later.  My 99 did not come with one either.

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ya, my 2002 has a cover
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Neither one of my 02 Passats have a cover.  There would be no way for the air to flow freely if there was a cover.


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Ok, thanks for the responses.  As far as airflow, if there was a cover, I would assume that it would have a snorkel near the bottom side for air to get in.  I had seen pictures of covers on other filters but, they may have been a different model.

I went and picked up a filter that is almost the right size, just needed minimal trimming.

Here is a pic: (sorry so blurring, using camera phone, with shaky hands...)


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Cabin filters are usually pretty cheap as I recall if you order them online. They last awhile too, not sure how long that one will last.