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The Gallery is jacked up to a secretly sneaky server move by the host. I was not aware of the move and could not prepare for it. It will take me a few hours to fix it, but...

...I am in the midst of dealing with a bit of a family crisis with my Grandmother and her well being so that is a priority right now. Once I am sure that's all good then I will get the Gallery back up to speed.

Also, please let me know if anything else is out of whack so I can make note of it and try to address it.

Thanks for the update and we are praying for your Grandmothers health.  Take care.

All I care about is that your grandmother is OK....the gallery can wait, that is the least important thing.

Thanks guys, fortunately the Gallery turned out to be a quick fix this time so it's better.

Grandma is improving, I haven't talked to her or the hospital today but hopefully she will be going home today or tomorrow.

Is the gallery working now?  I tried to upload some pictures, but keep getting a "Platform Error".

Hope your grandmother is doing better.  Thanks.


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