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I love Jay


--- Quote from: KWilson on December 29, 2007, 03:11:27 PM ---Is the gallery working now?  I tried to upload some pictures, but keep getting a "Platform Error".

Hope your grandmother is doing better.  Thanks.

--- End quote ---

Well it was working until you tried uploading. :P Not sure it this will be fixable soon as I have seen this problem before and it's not pretty. It is only impacting the Members Gallery.

Oops, sorry. :(

Haha, I was giving you a hard time. Some how it looks like it might be fixed. Feel free to give it another shot and let me know if it works for you.

Yeah, I know.  It looks like the pictures that I tried to upload yesterday are there now.   ???

Now, why do I seem to have two galeries?  Both are labled KWilson.


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