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MN Snowman:
... Colorado (Denver to

be specific) and have to let you folks know that I'm really impressed that you're driving B5s!  I'd thought I'd landed in Subaru Land ... holy cow,

I don't think I've seen as many Outbacks on the road anywhere else!  (Also saw a ton of Range Rovers, especially as we were driving to and from

Vail on Sunday.)

I kept checking the occasional B5 I'd spot for a Club B5 sticker or an RMCB5 sticker (if you have one yet) to no avail.  But I don't think I saw

more than 10 B5s while driving around Denver and the western suburbs.

We'll probably be back later this year and now that I've figured out the general lay of the land -- and the schedule to visit my elderly stepmother

-- I'll have to see if I can join one of your GTGs.  Who knows, maybe I can drive out for the summer GTG ala Kenny and Chris.

BTW -- is it always that nice in January?!?  Shoot, temps in the 60's!  It was cold reality landing at MSP and finding it in the single digits.   :shock:

make sure to drop us a line of when

you are headed back to town.  We will arrange a GTG in your honor to fit your schedule.  We are always up for another GTG...as you can tell.

Looking forward to seeing you, and maybe even at the National GTG.

Yeah, and don't

forget your shorts, the next time your hear in the winter.  :)

Best wishes to your step-mother.

Definitely let us know next time

you're in town, we'd love to GTG and meet another person with fine taste in cars!!!   :mrgreen:


Yeah about the weather.  Can you

send us some of snow?

First rule of Colorado Weather: it always changes
Second rule of Colorado Weather: the weather will default to whatever clothes you did not bring...

Seriously though, we hope to see you the next time you are in town!


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