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Only a couple upgrades so far on my car:

APR ECU upgrade
UUC Short shifter
AT Italia Flash wheels w/ Fuzion ZRi tires for summer
Chas-Bar!  Aluminum LTB

Stock Avus wheels w/ Dunlop Winter sport M2s for winter

Hey Jonathan, I bet you were trying to figure out how to post the picture.

It's really easy, just type:

[i m g] picture web address [/ i m g] (without the spaces).

So yours is:

Lookin good!

Lookin' good Jonathan.  How do you like that APR?  I will be doing that in the next month or so.  How many programs did you have flashed?  I am just thinking stock and stage 1 91 Octane, anything more and I need other upgrades first.

Glad to see you around the boards

jon 8)

I can definitely feel the difference between stock and chipped, but I don't think there is a huge boost in performance... Although I have never timed myself in the quarter or an accurate time to 60. I have stock, stage 1 for 91 (or is it 93?) Octane, and Valet mode. Honestly, I have never used the Valet feature. So far everything seems to be working great.

Noob - Looking good.  I went with APR with my ride and i could definately tell the difference but that might be more a function of the base engine - 2.7t vs 1.8t.  

I'm up in Longmont at least once a week.  I'll leep an eye out for you.


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