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Big Colorado car show
« on: January 09, 2008, 03:49:02 AM »
Saw this on MD, looks like it may be an interesting gtg on a Sunday.

MichaelB145 is setting up a big car meet at Colorado Mills next spring.
He has started a thread on the mountain rx-7 forum.

"I think I'm going to try and organize a meet with all of the car clubs! The parking lot at Colorado Mills is huge....Once a car comes in, we will direct them to their group. I want the Supra guys to come, the Stealth/3000GT club, RMevo club, AWD pirates (subarus), Mazda club, us, ect. It could end up being the biggest car meet ever in Colorado! The nice part is I know the club presidents of most of these. I would definitely need some help getting the word out! What do you think!" Mike

This is updated from MikeB as of earlier today from a local Mazda Club forum:

Whoa...I'm a little late to respond to this thread but I just got done talking to Speed racer about the meet this Spring. It doesn't look like it will be at Colorado Mills Mall after all. That is my back up plan! It looks like we are going to hold it at a Exotic Car Museum. The lot will hold 200 cars at least and we have over flow parking close by if needed. Afterwards we will attempt to have probably the largest Import cruise Colorado has ever had! The largest one to date was about 5years ago and I think they called it the leap day cruise. That one had a police escort which really sucked but it was still cool seeing all the cars!

Anyways....I think it should be a fun time and I will keep Speed Racer in the loop to try and figure out a date! If its ok with you guys....I would like to do it the first or second week of April. Most likely a Sunday about midday. There would be a makeup date if weather is bad for the following Sunday that is nice! What do you guys think? How many Mazda's do we think we can get there! I'm trying for 60 Rotaries alone! I'm already getting scared, cuz the Evo guys said they can get 50! I might have to go down and look to see how much room we really have again!
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