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Hello RMCB5 - was bullied by 03Indigo & Denverpat to joi

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Hey Dubitup!  I get called Dub here too!

Welcome to the club and I am down for a "Grog and Sirloin GTG"

Also we are going for a drive down to Colorado Springs where we will then proceed to go on a better drive culminating in a VW GTG at Old Chicago's Down at Academy and Austin Bluffs.

Hope to see you there.  Check THIS thread out for more info on it...


--- Quote from: "kraut-sled" ---Steak and Beer GTG???
--- End quote ---

I say we do it a Pat's or W's since they are very close to Tony's market.  Everyone stops and buys their own choice cut from Tony's and then we cook it up.  If W or Pat "volunteer" to host then I will buy there steak too!

when's the next steak and guiness gtg?

Maybe we should shoot for next week...I was talking with Hawk, we might do a Brew Pub in LoDo next week...more info to come



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