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Congratulations to Amanda - March 2004 Member of the Month

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Check our her great write up here, mang:

Amanda's Writeup

that is a sweet write up...I so dig the oldie shots with the plaid pants, classic 8-)

Congrats Amands, an honor well deserved.


Amanda that is a great write-up.  I love the early influence from the VW bus.  Having owned a bus and now a Eurovan I really appreciate that part of your past.

I hope to see yyou at more GTG in the near future.

And if it was a tip, I'd probably would have purchased your ride last fall. :)

as I re-read your write up Amanda, I took special attention to the "Jon is a traitor" part...hehehe....I'm not a traitor, just trying to convert everyone over to the dark side :twisted:

but you are right, this is an amazing group of people.  I have even on occasion thought about getting back into a B5 or 5.5...just so I would feel at one with the group...but then I put my foot in the allroad, and it all goes away.  You can't beat the quality of people in this group however...that is what keeps me around...GOOD PEOPLE for sure!!!


That is a kickass writeup!


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