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Suspension Garage Day?!?!?!

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I have

springs, that I would love installed, and am hoping we could do a garage day in February.  Maybe the 8th?  I would host, but with all the workout

equipment in the garage, not a lot of work room.  Let me know what people think.


Mike...I'm In.  I am off that day so I

am available :) .  We may want to do it somewhere else besides your house.  We would need a power air compressor.  I have the spring

compressors that we can use, and the air wrenches...just don't have an air compressor big enough to handle it all.

I know Winston and Chas have some that would work...maybe they can sponsor or something like that.

I knew you would be the first to

reply.  :D  I purposely picked that date since I knew you would be available!  I would also like to get the ChasBar, but not sure if I am allowed to

spend the money right now...


--- Quote from: "reem01" ---I

knew you would be the first to reply.  :D
--- End quote ---


I got the ChasBar...it rocks...and it was pretty cheap...just skip a couple of lunches and you can afford it  :)

Hey Mike,

I've been wondering when you were gonna get those springs on your car.  If I don't get my rear sway bar on before this garage day I might do so

on that day.  Either way I'll try and show up and lend a hand.



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