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Where to purchase clay bar - went to Pepboys, do not carry is what the helpful ASSociate told me - hard to beleive!  Anyway.............

what is the purpose of using it and what bene's of doing it?

Well i got mine from Checker, they even have a little kit that comes witht eh clay bar, the detailing spray and a little thing of wax.

Anyway, wash the car really really good.  Once it's spotless run your hand over the area to start.  Now take the claybar and mash it downa nd spread it out.  Don't make it super thin, but just flatten it all out so it's even and is about teh size of the palm of your hand.

Now take the detailing spray and spray a small area and set the clay bar on the sprayed aread moving it back and forth.  You shouldn't need to apply any pressure and it should move easily.  When you feel friction you need to spray more detailing spray.  Just keep working and what i recommend is do a like a 6" by 6"  section, after claybaring it wipe it dry, tought it with your hand and compare it to the section next to it.  Should be night and day it your car is over a year old and it has never been done.

Many thanks to Denver Pat for teaching me how to clay bar.


I bought the kit too. The claybar is a real miracle worker in removing contaminants like tree sap, bug juice, etc. My process was very similar to Jay's except we never used the detail spray. Here was the process:

1. Take car to drive-thru basic car wash (no wax, no dry, etc.) to remove major grime.
2. Take car back home and rewash by hand (just apply clean soapy water but do not rinse). Not sure if this was a special kind of soap or what, it was just what Mike Reed said to use.
3. While the surface is still wet, use clay bar as mentioned above. Surface must be wet or else clay will not glide smoothly over surface. You will definitely feel and know whether you need more detail spray/soapy water.
4. Wipe dry after claying.

I was not as meticulous as Jay. I would do larger areas at a time (i.e. 1/3 the hood). It really is a night/day difference in feel. Your car may look clean, but just feel the roughness/stickiness. It's amazing after the claybar. Also, you need to apply wax after the claybar. Your car is truly naked after the claybar treatment.

My small area example was more for the doer of the process to see the difference to keep them  moving since it is an arduous task.  I did do larger areas myselft, but that first acknowledgement of the difference encournaged me to get it all done.


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