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I know I have said it before, but this time it is a reality!  The deal is singed and the preparations are underway.  We are officially moving from our existing 3,400 Sq. Ft. location on West Evans to a 7200 Sq. Ft. shop on South Acoma Street in Englewood.

The shop is just North West of the intersection of Broadway and Hampton.  We will be next to a Starbucks, King Soopers, and a few restaurants.  There is very little office space and waiting room in the new shop, so this is good for customers that will be waiting for quick services on their cars.

We hope to take delivery of the new space April 1st.  As soon as we can, we will begin setting up the new shop with 1-2 additional lifts and other tools we have.  For a short time, we will continue to operate out of the Evans location, until the new shop is fully operational.  We hope to be completely moved by May 1st.

The new shop will have 3-4 lifts to start, with room for 2 more.  We will have a room completely dedicated to building motors, and other fabrication.  I hope not to outgrow this shop as quickly as we did our current location.  We have plans to hire another tech as soon as we can.  I already know who he will be and am looking forward to bringing him on.  Todd and I can sure use the help!!

I will pass on details on the move as soon as I know.  Once the facility is fully operational, we will host some sort of grand re-opening event.


woohoo.  congrats.  I cant wait to see the new place.

Nice Randy! Glad it all worked out. Let me know if you need help moving, I'll be out of town :P Seriously, if you guys need help post up.

nice randy good luck at the new shop ill be there as soon as it opens buying something. More hours ftw

Awesome news!!!! 


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