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Picking up from where Nate stopped

After taking 034 Factory Delivery of Nates 1990 CQ I have come to the conclusion that every CQ needs this turbo kit as a minimum! Sure AAN's & 3b's are nice and we all want a GT30R+ but honestly in the ~1300 miles I just drove from 034 to Denver I was not let down by this car's performance.

Considering that this kit can be installed in a day and leaves all factory functions (AC) there is no reason that EVERY stock engined CQ in the US should not have this kit. But $4k is expensive you say? 100% worth it! No doubt. End of story.

Now, here is what I have as a starting point:

-034 7a Stage 1 Turbo Kit, T3 60 trim turbo, 034 Stainless 7at manifold ~180whp.
-034 Injector update kit.
-034 Delrin control arm bushings at all 4 corners.
-034 Upper strut mounts
-034 Street density motor and tranny mounts
-034 rear diff mounts.
-Custom dual adjust coilovers all 'round.
-2.5" exhaust all the way back, deleted center muffler.
-16" wheels, not in the best shape, ABTs. 
-Euro H4/H1 headlights
-Brand new Spec Stage 2 clutch disc.
-Soon to be installed AL radiator
-Dents and dings
-Bumpers both aren't in the best shape, rear is missing a chunk, front needs paint.
-Hood has paint chips
-Passenger window needs a new regulator.
-Crack in the windshield.

The plan going forward is to address some of the cosmetic stuff and install a intercooler and make an E85 tune.

The T3-60 should have a little head room :twisted: After that? Who knows (my son).

I'll be doing HPDE, auto-x, and maybe a ORR so brakes should be priority 2 after tires.

I have some .csv's from Eisenhower Pass & Tunnel (14,000) and a few pics that I will post later.

That's just awesome. I cannot wait to see this car. The CQ's are already kickass as is, and if it's as fun as you say it is my admiration for CQ's will probably increase.

Of course one of my dreams was to make an RS2 with one, but hey, I could live with the setup you have there. ;)

Keep in mind I have been driving a stock engined CQ for years so this is a vast improvement. I have driven a few fast cars (Valet) but not under the same circumstances. If a Stock S2 is 230 CHP given a 25% loss (guess) the S2 ~172.5 AWHP so I am a few % stronger then that now but with the high compression (stock 7a vs ABY 9.3) I imagine that the 0-60 is quicker.

I REALLY would have like a S2 01E with the extra OD! I was cruising at 3500/4000 and she just wanted to go go go  ;D Even so I averaged better then ~21.X MPG (vague because my milage is inaccurate).

Will you be at Dicks on the 25th?   

That's my plan, but I may be skiing that day since I couldn't go this weekend. So I am kind of a maybe I suppose as I wont be certain until Saturday after wrenching on the Scout all day I may not want to go skiing.

Great choice man,, and sound cool and fast car coupe quattro from audi that is an awesome brand car...


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