Author Topic: Doors Open Denver - Sat Sun April 12-13 - Lots of cool buildings open.  (Read 1441 times)

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Anyone planning on seeing any of this?  I plan to see a fair number of places.  I might portage my bike to Denver to eliminate the parking hassles.

The event website is a disappointment but the info all seems to be there:

The event guide has the building numbers and opening times:

I want to check out East High School, maybe some of the other schools as well.  I also want to see the train layout in the basement of Union Station.  Maybe the Press Club building? 

Any suggestions on must-see buildings?

Lunch is also in my plan, maybe Cuba Cuba, Pints Pub or?  A Cuban sammitch sounds good but so does a ploughman's lunch and a lukewarm hand-pumped ale.

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