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Just wanted to introduce my self to the groop, I have been a member for a couple days and still havent posted any thing untill now.
Any way... my name is Greg I live in the Springs and i dont drive a B5, I have a 2000 Golf witch I have owned for little over a week.
Before I drone on for 2 or 3 pages I look forward to meeting some of you at the drive tomarow.

Cheers Greg

Congrats on the new VW.. and welcome to the club! You will  be one of the most ambitious noobs yet.. meeting us after only 3 days.. hahaha..

Hey Greg, it should be lots of fun tomorrow.  I have a black B5 so look for me tomorrow.


nice to meet you yesterday greg.  you'll have to come up to Denver for our next drive.

I will definately come to denver to do some driveing, you will have to take me on a trip around the block in the wolfsburg next time around. Looks like alot of fun

thnaks for the reply eric talk to you soon

Cheers Greg


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