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Rich (Freeride) past and present....

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The 20AE BiMP- past

Red MkII Jetta GL- past...  bought from Scott,  but had to get rid of for a truck :( regret this a lot!!!

but it is fun driving over things :)- present

540i6- past

Evo- present  I'd have to say, this isn't anywhere nearly as nice as any euro. Evos are so basic in what they are all about, that what makes them a f'n kick to drive... 

This was taken at a recent show over here that was a benefit to finally get a Track rebuilt after developers bought the land the old track was on and closed it...
More pics of the event here:
LOL!!!  It's Skanktacular!!!

went up a drove trail ridge to WP and back yesterday...  still very clear up there.  good times.  :)

Great pics, and yes, I do agree, the basic nature of the imports do make them fun to drive, no doubt.  Have you seen the numbers on the new 2009 WRX? ;).  Only 1/10th second slower than the 2008 STI in the quarter......sub 14's, not bad for a non-STI.

Looks like you have a hunger for winter in those last pics....hopefully the snow will come and it will be a great winter this year.

I drove an 09 WRX... suspension is really good stock too... 25k for a great car.  I'm tempted.

i like the new sti and wrx's.   X.   at first i thought they looked like the focus but i realized that the WRC focus is one of my all time favs... 

just got a abasin+ pass.  woohoo!!!


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