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Oil Sensor light?

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This light flashed yellow last night. Anyone know if this is serious, or just a bad sensor? Afraid to drive it anywhere right now. Help.

What kind of car are we talking about?  Generally, oil lights are not something to take lightly, and red lights are usually more serious than yellow.  Have you checked the oil level yet?  What were the circumstances around the light flashing?  Was it idling, or were you reving or cornering?  Is the light still on?

I guess we need some more info.

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Looks like a B6 A4 from the avatar, 1.8T or a 3.0 V6?

First thing I would do as mentioned is check your oil level. You might be getting low, though I don;t know if these cars actually warn about low oil or just oil pressure.

If it is a 1.8T how many miles are on it, have you done regular oil changes? Sludge is a concern with the 1.8T.

Thanks. Its a 1.8t, 2002 quattro. It came on just minutes after I cranked it up. I had not even backed out of the parking lot. I drove it about 2 miles around the block, no issues, then parked it. I plan on checking the oil when the sun goes down. So far, its only yellow, and not a red light. Its not really flashing, it just came on and stays on. I am at 84,902 miles so an oil change is just days away. I always use Mobil 1, and do them every 5K miles on time. Not driven hard, or cornered hard.


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