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Has anyone replaced Fuel Lines before? (X-Post)

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I'm going to post this on passatworld.com, but wanted to post here too on the off changes one of you has seen this before.

I was driving home from work tonight and thought I smelled gas.  I went faster and it went away. About a mile form work, it came back and I thought it might be the car that was still in front of me, but after they turned off, I realized with a slight felling of impending doom that I had a gas leak.

I pulled into the closest gas station and opened the hood and I had a slight wet discoloration behind my engine cover, so I poked around and found my gas line did have a leak.

Long story short, I tried to limp home with a towel wrapped tightly around it, but it got worse to the point that I lost fuel pressure and had to get it towed 3 miles back to my house.

I need to replaces the whole line I think, but here's where someone that has done this before on a VW (Passat or maybe most MK4s) might know how to answer my next question.

Here's where the break is:

I pulled the airbox out to trace the line and it goes behind the airbox (it's the one on the bottom:

Then behind the wheelwell, and back under the suspension.  Where it is held by the retaining clip, right before it, it looks like it can be pulled off, but I'm not quite sure if it disconnects here and I don't want to force it.

Do I keep going or can I get it off here and get a new part?


Do you need a copy of the Bentley Manual?  I have one, maybe that will help with the sourcing of the start and finish.

Not sure it is a good idea to repair a line like that, the splice would be a weak point.

Well, long story short, I found a fuel related recall that looked like it would warranty my lines, towed it to the dealer, VWoA denied it saying my issue wasn't part of the recall, towed it home, and am ordering the lines myself to put them in.

It wouldn't be a big deal except I'm already rebuilding the carb for the FJ60, so after replacing some parts that fell of my bike (OMG make it stop!) last week, I can at least ride my bike to work.

Someone keep me away from mechanical stuff.  I have teh suxor touch lately!!!!1111!!!1!

Dub, so sorry again to hear about them not replacing that under warranty. When the parts get in if you need a hand let me know, as long as there are no stuck bolts! :)

that totally sucks.  Sometimes, I have luck like that.  Seems RMCB5 is having that luck lately with Mike's failed timing belt attempt due to the previous belt change not being done right.


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