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computer help?

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Ok, so as you guys are smarter than me perhaps you have some ideas.
For about 2 weeks now, "RMCB5" has either not wanted to open on my laptop, or while trying to navigate around the site it locks up (only loads half the page and i have to close the window and reopen it)
I visit other forums and websites and this is the only one that i am having problems with.
I have an HP laptop running XP. I have not installed any new software or done anything different to change any configuration. I have tried, "disk cleanup" , "defrag" ,run McAfee, deleted cookies, history......everything and still it locks up......even now while typing this thread the icons above this message box have turned to red crosses?

wierd.......any ideas?  :-\

Interesting. ColoradoB5 reported a similar problem. The site is otherwise operating fine.

Since you are the second person to report the issue I will look into it deeper.

Any other details, like ISP?

Same problems here-  Although this is on my computer at work, so it may be a bit different....perhaps my individual computer has been blocked due to my frequent visits to this site! :D

I can get to the site and view the homepage, but that's it.  I can't view any posts or navigate to any other pages.  Windows XP, IE is about all I know- and I think Qwest is the ISP?

Let me know if it is any better now. The software for doing the ads at the top is generating a lot of errors. Trying to see if that is the issue.

Be sure to clear cache and cookies

..glad it's not just me, my ISP is Comcast....thanks for looking into it.


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