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computer help?

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seems alot better on my to navigate around the site without problems.

Thanks for your help!

I'll let it run like this for a few days, but we have a responsibility to our advertising partners.

Ha, that sounds dumb, what I mean is, I need to solve the problem so I can put the ads in place. It is more important to me that the users can access the information they need. :)


--- Quote from: gietl on August 03, 2008, 03:49:15 PM ---Let me know if it is any better now. The software for doing the ads at the top is generating a lot of errors. Trying to see if that is the issue.

Be sure to clear cache and cookies

--- End quote ---

All's well again in 'Kingtut-ville'-  Thanks Jay. :)

Back to having issues again :P


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