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MINIs in the Mountains pics and stories
« on: August 10, 2008, 12:37:39 PM »
A lot of this was written from a MINI perspective and for the MINI community, but just wanted to share here, so it is a copy and paste.  I had a great weekend, worth the few days off to finally join in on some weekend fun.

OK, I am back, got some laundry going, and need to go to sleep since I have to work tonight, but here are a butt load of my pics that I just uploaded.  Only about a quarter of them, but enough for you all to see some of the events.

It all started out with a perfectly clean and shiny car, happy in it's little home, not a speck of dirt anywhere:

On the way to start the drive to MITM 2008, I hit a milestone, well, 27,000 miles :).  Not bad for a 2003 MINI.  I know, I know, I need to get out and drive it more, blah, blah, blah, save your comments about driving it more for the peanut gallery, just remember, this is my toy, a hobby to pass the time of day and keep me's all about the mods ;)

We started at Detailers Paradise here in Denver, nice place to meet and get the drive started.  Heather and Nick had this sweet old Jag sitting in their show room.  They are such good people, they set us up and got us ready to hit the road for a great drive.

The drive was amazing, we had 6 of us to start, driving up through Morrison, Kittridge, Evergreen, Bergen Park and on to Squaw Pass, also knows as the Western Dragon.  As we were coming down, we stopped to get our passes for Mt. Evans.  Then we continued on to Idaho Springs and ate lunch at Tommy Knockers, a micro brew pub with some amazing hot wings.  Some other MINI folks caught up to us at Tommy Knockers, so they joined us for the rest of the drive up.  From there, we headed up I-70 to Loveland Pass and drove over the Continental Divide and down into Arapahoe Basin Ski area.  On to Frisco and Copper Mountain via Swan Mountain road on the back side of Lake Dillon for a last few twisties before hitting the resort to check in.  It rained about half the drive up, which took about 4 hours total including lunch.  I got all settled into my condo:

Not a bad view, eh? :D.  Anyway, others that drove up with me were volunteers and organizers, so they were busy setting up the tents and registration stuff while I chilled out on the other side of the village in my condo.  I cruised over there after a bit of unpacking and we headed into Frisco for dinner.  Had a nice little meal at the Blue Spruce Inn...we made it just in time for happy hour, had a nice group of about 12 people or so for some good drinks and burgers.  Then it was time to head back to Copper and I crashed.  Lights out until the next day.  On my way back into Copper, I was cruising on I-70 from Frisco and noticed a set of warning lights flashing off in the distance, as I got closer, I saw a small deer in the road, not full grown, but pretty big, well over 200lbs I would guess.  Anyway, the flashing lights turned out to be a MINI, I stopped to make sure they were OK.  The BRG/B R56 S was pretty much trashed, front and rear quarter panels done in, mirror gone, and the windshield was destroyed with glass inside the cabin an all over the driver.  I stayed with them until the police arrived.  At first, they were shaken up pretty bad, understandably, but after about 10 minutes, the guy driving seemed to have gotten his wits about him.  They were not part of MITM, but were going to swing by.  Regardless, it was sad to see them on the side of the road, and that poor deer.

On to day 2, Thursday, started with a good car wash at the Detailers Paradise and Show Car Detailing car wash station.  Got all the rain grime off my car.  The most rain the car has ever seen :(...oh well, it was due for rain I guess after over 5 years.

here are some pics as people arrived on Thursday for more set up and some drives:

Way Motor Works tent and install booth:

Night Fire Red stripes, mirrors, brakes and wheel inserts,

aesthetic Creations install booth:


MINI Beotch booth:

Not sure what Jayde was doing here, she might not be too happy with me when she sees this pic :)

Registration, and Jonathan in his very, very orange vest, just so we could see him from a distance I guess ;)

My favorite plate from the meet, MINI S upside down, really liked this idea.

Teh president of MINI5280....making sure everything was done right, haha.  Chuck is a great guy, and even more obsessed with cleaning his car than I am.  Such a great guy to spend time with!!!

Folks from Cali, not sure who this was, but it had M|U stickers on the back of the side skirts, tried to find them to talk to them, but never tracked them down.

Uhmmmm....wait...what? (put in just for Jon V, so I could say it before him, haha.)

:chris farley voice: Biiigggg Dog in a Little Car :/chris farley voice:

Dee has some good plans for this nugget:

When you gotta pee, you gotta Pee.  Best action shot I took all weekend. 

Car wash on Saturday morning....kinda skipped over the other stories, but I am too tired and want to get this post done, so, there you have it.

Dude, you broke your dad's Ferrari's...the F50 and F40 were broken down, I offered to help, but they had "all the Ferrari tools they needed!!!".  So, I took pictures instead.  Sounds like there were there for a couple of hours....

Only pic of Jayde I got with her tongue out...not me in the pic, but I had to find a "victim"

The PGT theme gone horribly wrong, this "nice guy", wink, wink, had "Ferrari" alcantara on his dash and front seats.  Kinda hurt my eyes, the bright red and black was in a kinda checker board pattern on the seats, and when the sun hit it, it was a little too bright for my old eyes...the lower dash bolsters and glove box were also red alcantara.  Should have taken a pic of the interior, but the guy was sooooo friendly, haha, I just had to walk away.  His wheels were from a "Bentley", so he says, did not know Bentley made 17" rims.  Love those friendly types you meet, they make mini owner ship so special.  (note, high level of sarcasm in this description, in case you were wondering)


here is a link to the rest of the photos:


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Re: MINIs in the Mountains pics and stories
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thats awesome jon!  looks like a blast.
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Re: MINIs in the Mountains pics and stories
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Re: MINIs in the Mountains pics and stories
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2008, 03:13:54 PM »
Some amazing pictures Jon, glad you had fun!!  Off topic, wow, I still drool when I see a nice Ferrari (the ones broken down look nice too hehe even if they were having technical difficulties  ;)) Saw a sweet red F430 driving by my house a while back, I wanted to follow him but didn't want to be a stalker  :D