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PC random orbital with an orange pad

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I would like to give my paint some much needed TLC this next weekend and would like to borrow a PC with an orange pad to accomplsih this. I just cannot financially get my own PC at the moment. If any of you have one that I could borrow from Oct 4-5 I would greatly appreciate it. Will compensate in  monetary or beverage forms if you'd like.

I don't have the orbital, but you should be able to get the pad from www.detailersparadise.com.

The folks here have always been very generous about lending their PCs, but pads get worn so quickly it's a good idea to just get a set of your own then you are always ready to roll.

I don't have a PC, but my Craftsman RO is down at the shop.  You're welcome borrow it...just ask Todd for the bucket.

I've got a PC you're welcome to borrow as well, Josh.

Like Jay said, I'd go for a new pad though.

I too have a PC you are welcome to borrow but like Jay said - it would be a good idea to buy a set of new pads cause you are going to want to hit it with at least the black one to finish and maybe the white one in between depending on what stuff you plan on using.

I'm in Park Hill if that is closer for you.



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