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VR6 Turbo?

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how much work is it to throw a turbo into a 98 GTI VR6?

There are a few kits out there which makes it easier... if you piece together the kit yourself it is definitely a timely process.

There are a few local vr6 turbos in CO... you might want to check the local RM forum on VWVortex to get advice from the guys who have done it.

I know Joel @ RS Motorsports has done a few, 303.432.8989

hey thanx for the info... i have another qustion. would i be better off to go with the 1.8T?

Are you talking engine swap a 1.8T into a car with a VR6?

I do not know, but it seems like an engine swap would be A LOT more work.  Slapping a turbo, some plumbing and a controller (manual or software) seems like a lot less work.

well i am still in the market lookin to buy a GTI, i found one i think i want which is the vr6. just tryin to do my research and figure out my best option to throw my money at ya know


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