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Think your stock DV is going bad? Boost dosent feel as strong as you rember?
Here is how you check...

This is what you will need...
1 flat head screwdriver with a long shaft
1 set of mechanics gloves

Drive around the block once or twice to get the engine warm. This is why the gloves are usefull because the engine will be a little hot,
Locate the DV, when your looking twards the rear of the car your going to want to loosen the hose clamp on the hose thats on the left side of your DV pull the clamp off so it dosent get lost.

Jump in the car and start it up, the idle may be a little low or trying to stumble, but just give it a little gas and let it idle for a second. When the idle reaches a stable point rev the engine up to about 5500 or so and let off the gas quick. If you hear a nice crisp "crashing" sound your DV is good to go. Sounds resembeling a goose stuck in your grill at 55mph or fluttering sounds may indicate a failing DV.

Stick the hose back on the DV and tighten the clamp and your ready to go.

Hope this helps :D

This actually is only relevant for MKIVs with a transverse mounted 1.8t.  On the Passat it is at the front left side of the engine towards the bottom. We actually have to jack our cars up, take off the  belly pan and reach up to get to it.

Also, the best test is to pop off the fatty hose on the side the air is coming in at, stick you finger in there and see how easy it is to push down on the spring loaded diaphragm.  I use the index or pinkey test.  Basically is should be tight enough that it is not easy to push in with the index finger (almost painful), practically impossible and painful with the pinky.  I have 3 bad DVs sitting in my garage (2 from the A6 one from the B5) if anyone want's to see an example of a dv gone bad.

It is also highly recommended to replace it with a 710N valve.  Which in the case of the MKIVs should be the specified part number whereas for the Passat it is not.

Also keep in mind you need airflow for the turbo to operate fully and create the boost.  Sitting at idle really wont give you an accurate reading.

Being that the location is easy to reach on the MKIV platform the finger method is the best for testing the DV.  Of course if you have the factory clamps on go buy some new screw clamps before doing a test or replacement because the VW clamps get destroyed.   You can do it whent he engine is cool, but some warmth to the hoses is nice for getting the DV out and back in easily.  

Just thought I would clarify a little and offer up an easier method, especially for the MKIVs. :)  Thanks for the input, a bad DV = no spirited driving.

Thanks Jay that makes what I was trying to say a whole lot more clear!

I have also heard that the DV off of an Audi TT will do nicely on the MKIV platform im not sure about the B5, Im also not sure if thats the 710N I dont know that part numver, but from what I hear the Audi TT valves are like  $30 from the dealer ship.

Thanks agen Jay. :D

Greg, the TT valve is the 710N which i know is the recommended part number for a Jetta (MKIV) 1.8t so that should be the same for the Golfs and GTIs.

Go to ecstuning.com they have em for $26.

thanks agen Jay


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